For Dr. Manne

So here is my MeToo moment.  I never understood it, and hadnt thought about it in years…until I read Dr. Kate Manne’s excellent book, Down Girl.  The narrative is this:  I had gone shopping with my family at a large, popular mall…and we were riding up to the next floor of the department store on a crowded escalator, when I felt someone fumbling at my bottom.  I turned my head and looked over my shoulder and there was a well dressed older man, with silver hair and a tan topcoat standing behind me on a lower step.  He met my eyes and smiled slightly as he withdrew his hand.  I unfroze and moved stiffly up 2 or 3 steps to put my family group between the man and me.  I was eight or nine years old.

I didn’t yell, i didn’t run, I didn’t cry or rush to my mother.  I had all the stranger-danger lectures, about not talking to strangers and not  getting in cars– but truthfully i didn’t think of any of those things.  I went as still as a rabbit in a hedgerow.  I felt…ashamed.  I felt guilty.  I felt so dirty.  I felt like I had drawn that man to me somehow.  For three weeks or so I lay awake at night in my bed, replaying the moment, burning with guilt and shame.  And I didn’t tell anyone– not my mom or dad, not my siblings or friends.  Not the priest in my weekly confession– I went to catholic school.  Gradually my shame turned to anger– but not anger at the man who had felt me up– I never felt anger at him as a child– as I got older I felt anger at myself for not running and screaming and telling someone.  Then the final stage– telling myself it was sillie to fret about it– afterall I wasn’t really harmed.  My experience faded, I never talked about it…and then the MeToo movement and Dr.Manne’s book happened.  It was like a PTSD flashback– I remembered every second.

In retrospect it was a sort of misogyny double-tap– i initially felt guilt and shame because it happened to me– and then later guilt and shame because I dealt with it badly.  And the terrible thing is that this seems to be coded into our society.

The same misogyny double-tap happened in a far more damaging way to a relative of mine.  This young woman had personality changes, began to exhibit depression and anxiety, started cutting herself and then attempted suicide.  At the hospital it turned out that four months earlier she had been raped by her prom date, and told no one.  When her parents discovered this they called the police and tried to have the perpetrator arrested– but there was, of course, no rape kit, no witnesses and no evidence by this time.  So not only did she suffer the rape, she had to suffer condemnation for not dealing with the rape in a way that would result in punishment for the perp.  Sadly I think this happens a lot.  It is still astonishing to me that I felt I had somehow caused my incident.  I was so young.  But the two narratives mirror each other perfectly.

So I’m grateful for Dr. Manne’s book.  And i got my cousin a copy.


The Secret History of the Intellectual Dark Web

Jeffrey Sachs, the IDW aren’t heretics or rogue intellectuals.  This is just a repackaging of rightist fringe ideologies that have been around for two decades at least.  Vdare was founded in 1999 by Steve Sailor — the home of the HBD (Human BioDiversity) guys– most prominent being John Derbyshire (later sacked from NRO) and Razib Khan (famous for being hired and fired in the same day by the NYT).  The HBD movement embraced Charles Murray and race-IQ theory from the beginning.  Derbyshire, Sailor and Khan all write/wrote for the Unz Review, an “alternative” media outlet.  In the same rough timespan Dawkins and Harris began the New Atheist movement, which was enthusiastically adopted by the “alternative” intellectuals of the Right, Khan, Sailor, Derbyshire, etc.  The New Atheists somehow fused rationalism, atheism, misogyny, and Islam-hating into a toxic brew that has been pretty much rejected by mainstream American society, but which was shockingly visible in Elevatorgate.  The HBDs have brought hatred of immigrants, white suprememacy and raw populist nationalism to the mix.

Fast forward to 2016 and Trump’s election.  When the NeverTrumpers (including the traditional conservative intellectual class (ie George Will)) fled the GOP in horror, this opened up a vacuum which was gladly filled by the HBD cohort, the New Atheists, classic liberals and other “alternative” intellectuals on the Right.

I asked cognitive anthropologist Dr. Chris Kavanagh exactly what he thought the overall narrative of the IDWebbers was– this is what he said.

The belief that the IDWebbers uniquely respect data.”  They respect data that supports their core belief set– race-IQ theory, anti-immigration, anti-feminism (sex difference studies), anything on islamic-terrorism.  IDWebbers do not, for example, respect data that invalidates any of their core dogma.

Best current example: GWAS of educational attainment.  Some huge papers came out over the summer, chief among them (imho) these two.

EA is heritable.

EA correlates with higher social-class mobility.

The IDW is not discussing the implications of this work, because it invalidates their premise that “conservative voices are repressed. Heterodox views are not tolerated only adherence to liberal dogma.”  like the eumeme that liberal bias has caused the imbalance in academe by embargo’ing “awesome” conservative ideology (which is actually maladaptive and non-competitive in the 21st century).  But if we consider recent data on EA its apparent  that the imbalance in academe is largely caused by heredity and geolocation.  You inherit your parents, your SES and your community– eg, parents that go to college have children that go to college. Seems pretty straightforward, right?  The IDWebbers are big meritocracy fanboys– its their main argument against diversity and affirmative action in academe and the workplace.   But EA3 shows that EA is inherited, not earned.   The conservative standard dogma that commonsense + work ethic >= a fancy college education doesnt hold anymore.  Theres no place for Jefferson’s Noble Yeoman Farmers in the gig economy, the agility economy, in the twinned Cambrian explosions of machine learning and robotics.

Thats why Jon Haidt’s book “The Coddling of the American Mind” is such a cheat.  It puts the onus for solving the academic imbalance problem squarely on liberals– if we can just massage the way we do EA in blue demes to “open young peoples minds”, we can get traction for conservative ideology on college campuses.  But even if thats true its a tiny fraction of whats needed to move the needle.

Scholastic poll results from 2016.  I submit that this is just a hill far to big for Jon Haidt to climb.  Half of these students will be voting age by 2020.

The thing is– there is a way to fix the national divide.  Bring universities to the Heartland.  Establish the United States of Internet.  Distributed EA for all.  Its projected that 1/2 of universities will be online by 2027.  Why not a WPA style infrastructure project  to bring robust internet to the underserved Heartland?  It should be a hard thing for the GOP Senate to vote against.  The Virtuality is coming.  People will be able to shop and work online more and more– why not go to school online?  Not the fly-by-night predatory for-profit schools that Trump and DeVos are so enamored of, but extensions of real universities.

And the hidden benefit?  Only non-college are voting for Trump.

After all, Trump “loves the uneducated”.

Poisoning the Well with Troubling Bedfellows: the Adjacency Problem

This is for Dr. Kavanagh (no relation to Brett/Bart) who got me thinking about Pascal Boyer and the IDW/alt-intellectuals and the current tedious Sokal hoax kangaroo slap fight.  He said I was unpersuasive so I will try to do better here.

Dr. Kavanagh said, (and I hope to prove him wrong here with references to Pascal Boyer, a cognitive anthropologist who we are mutual fans of) that Paresky’s complaints are valid.  He is however, correct in that im unpersuasive.  I do have a problem communicating– my analogy skills are weak.  My best language is math.


Paresky’s complaint.

And Dr. Kavanagh’s response.


Pamela Paresky wrote  a rebuttal thread of the Moira G Weigel guardian article criticizing Jon Haidts book “The Coddling of the American Mind”.  Paresky claims Weigel’s criticism is just an “ad hom attack.”

But I would like to point out that the Adjacency Problem or Branding Problem is a very real problem, and since its part of why censure, protests, de-platforming and public shaming of alt-intellectuals and conservatives and alt-right/alt-lite speakers happens.  I do not think attacking safetyism culture and promoting open minds will have even the tiniest effect on academic imbalance, and if Jon Haidt is selling “Coddling” as a cure, then its a cheat.  My cheater detection is strong, partly because one of my academic focuses is the Cooperation Competition Paradigm and complex adaptive games in evo theory of cooperation.

In my analysis of Coddling (i have read it) I was reminded of two principles I learned from Boyer– 1.  cohesiveness of hierarchical coalitions and 2.  the lack of appeal in extremist memes.   Paresky’s complaint that Weigel believes the “sheer number of associations” taints the argument– isnt true.  Its the ideology of those connections.  Lets consider the origins of the IDW (or alt-intellectuals if u prefer) and start with 2– non-competitive memes.  Vdare has been around since the beginning of the 21st century– spawning a lot of what i call the HBD guys– people that like to talk about race-IQ theory.  Most of the HBD cohort also became New Atheists under Dawkins and Harris, incorporating rabid islamophobia and anti-feminism (misogyny) into their platform.  All these people have been calling themselves “classic liberals” since Bush stepped in it in Iraq, to get away from the conservative brand.  The thing im coming to is HBD failed, New Atheism failed, the “classic liberals” and soi disant libertarians retreated to the Unz site which shares ideology with Vdare– these movements attracted adjacents– white nationalists, neo-nazis, confederate revanchists, white supremacists, klansmen and Stormfronters– fellow travelers, troubling bedfellows– the Adjacent.

And they know how unappealing their ideology is– at least to high EA humans.  So fast forward to 2016 — the NeverTrumper traditional intellectual class fled the GOP like scalded cats, leaving a vacuum that was happily filled by the IDW and the alt-lite.  But they don’t talk about atheism anymore, because they recognize those memes are a turn off for their target audience.  They want an audience that is permeable to race-IQ theory and hating on Islam and immigrants and brown people and academic elites and SJWs.  The target permeable audience is not high EA college students–who are pretty much immune to those fringe ideologies, and who are increasing immune to maladaptive antique conservative memes –the target is my extended kin in the Rube Nation.  So the free speech protests are largely performative to lather up the non-college GOP base in the Heartland.  So Pamela, when u say theres a big difference between Milo and Jordan Petersen or btwn Eric Weinstein and Ben Shapiro, they still share a tent– they share ideological geneology if u will, and they share a coalition.

All these fringe groups have formed a hierarchical cohesive coalition— humans are inclined to “groupiness” ( i think thats Ridley, but it might be Tomasello) —  another thing humans are good at is coalitional intuitions.

Boyer– …demonstrate that many dominant group behaviors not only represent a desire to stay with one’s group, to favor one’s clan, but also to favor one’s group in an insidious way that maintains the other groups lower status…Obviously one possible reason for this blindness to coalitional structures is they often conflict with our moral structures.

The one thing that REALLY turned me against Jon Haidt in the book, was his repetition of the eumeme that liberal academic bias against conservatives is equivalent to oppression of academics in the Cultural Revolution.  I have seen this eumeme mainstreamed in the evo psych community (that was originaly the HBD community– SWJs are the Red Guard).  This is a strategy known as flipping, like “liberals are the real racists” and “liberals are the real fascists” .

Frankly I’m horrified that the author of the Righteous Mind would entertain this.

So my conclusion is that Weigel has a solid point about the shared geneology and cohesiveness of alt-right eumemes.  Like Boyer says, “coalitional intuitions are not made consciously but give us precise guidance about what to do.”

Haidt should know better.




Be My Ally: the Virtuality is Near

So i just got my second suspicious activity lockout in 2 days.  I was talking to the charming and brilliant Brain with Google-eyes and bam!  no twitter.  i was asking the Brain to be my ally.  But now im out of twitter jail and can speak my mind again.

I really dislike the idea that we can fix the imbalance in academe with some sort of affirmative action for conservatives– it just wont work.  But I think I’ve thought of something that could work– equal opportunity in EA.  im kindof passionate about EA (educational attainment)–I’m an academic.  Anyways two thrilling papers came out this summer…i havent seen much discussion yet– but Dr. Lee and others proved that :

1. EA is heritable

and 2. EA correlates with higher social-class mobility.

I think a robust national internet infrastructure is something we should all be able to get behind.  I will offer my allegiance to any one that will support this:  liberal, conservative, red tribe or blue tribe.  Even the grey tribe.  Even Scott Alexander and the rationalists.  Even President Trump.  Its something Trump and the GOP could do for the base– government WPA-style programs for the rural heartland.  Its projected that by 2027 half of all universities will be online– we could all go to college on Ludus, virtually.

Because the Virtuality is Near.  Everyone has a sad about how the internet just exacerbates partisan divisions– well, lets make sure the Virtuality doesnt get aligned the same way.

Unless of course…there’s some reason Trump and the GOP dont want the base to be educated?  But how could that be?  Distributed educational attainment and educational opportunity for all!  This seems like a relatively minor thing, something the whole country could get behind.

why not?


Lawyer in a Job Interview

I watched the whole testimony.  And i was very struck by the lawerly position Kavanaugh took.  He was acting as his own lawyer, but not in a courtroom, in a job interview.  As his own representation, its permissable to bluster, tell half truths, and apparently even lie to the Senate Judiciary Committee.

I completely agree with this current affairs piece.

Its pretty obvious that Kavanaugh lied about the meanings of ralphing, boofing, Devil’s Triangle and Renate Alumnus.  The Urban Dictionary has the actual definitions and its easy to check.

A Kavanaugh supporter tried to flash edit the wikipedia entry to support Kavanaughs lie about the Devil’s Triangle– the UD doesnt work like that.  Definitions get voted up or down.

I mean– this guy LIED about a lot of little things, but it sure shows a pattern of intent to deceive and lack of respect for his oath.



This isnt the behavior of an innocent man– it is, however, the behavior of a skilled defense lawyer, intending to sow doubt about the guilt of his client.  He uses courtroom techniques, like catalepsis– where false information is presented to lodge itself in the jurors minds even though the lawyer knows it will be overruled or stricken.  It can take 10k repititions to unlearn something.  But this isnt a courtroom…its a job interview.  My problem with Kavanaugh is what would happen if the applicant gets caught lying in a job interview?  He probably should not get the job.

Now America gets to decide.  Make no mistake, the polls are what will force a decision on Kavanaugh over the next week.  If it looks like republican women are rejecting Kavanaugh, then the GOP will pull him and fast-track the next name on the short list.

The Yale protests and the ABA letter have forced the investigation, more than what Flake did.  The GOP could have head-faked Flake, indeed restricting the scope and pithing the investigatory process is an attempt to do just that.  And while Trump and the GOP may have tried to narrow the scope of the FBI investigation, anyone can file a report to the FBI and investigative journalists can find out when Mark Judge worked at Safeway.

So another week of constant chum in the water for the media.

The GOP is making this into a redtribe/bluetribe fight instead of what it should be, a job interview.  But its about the survival of conservatism, and most organisms will do anything to survive.

Let My People Go

I have a lot of conservative relatives: doctors, engineers, landholders, etc.  I come from conservative stock.  Mostly older conservative relatives…the younger ones are nearly all liberal, at least the college educated ones.  A lot of the older, more rural relatives voted for Trump, or cast a hating-Clinton-protest-vote for Gary Johnson if they couldnt stomach Trump.  So at a recent family reunion I thought to try to understand my conservative kinfolk in their support for Trump and Kavanaugh, not holistically, but just one small piece of the puzzle.  A terrible thing had happened 3 or 4 years ago to one of my younger second cousins…she attempted suicide.  Fortunately her family saved her life in time, and she was hospitalized and underwent therapy– in therapy the reason for her attempt came out.  Three months before the attempt she had been raped by her date after a high school function.  She never told anyone at the time, but instead began cutting herself in secret, a progression to the suicide attempt.  When this surfaced her parents involved the police who contacted the young man, but took no action.  There was no evidence…no rape kit, no witnesses.  It was a he said-she said situ.

I asked one of my older relatives who had a Kavanaugh bumper sticker if what had happened to our kinswoman affected at all what she thought about Kavanaugh’s confirmation, in that Dr. Ford hadnt come forward at the time either.  She said not, and gave examples of men she knew of that had been falsely accused and even convicted.  Then she proceeded to tell me a truly horrific MeToo of her experience as 15 yr old who was molested by her high school principal.  She did the right thing, had gone right to her counselor, and told her parents– other female students had had the same experience– and nothing happened except the principal was moved to another school district.  He was only a few years from retirement it seems.

Even with two personal experiences of potential reasons for why Dr. Ford took so long to come forwards, reasons that Dr. Ford explained as not wanting to go through the hellish attacks mounted on her and her family, and not believing coming forward would change anything or stop the nomination from going through…my relative still supports Kavanaugh.

But the other thing Dr. Ford’s relevations have accomplished is that other witnesses and victims are coming forward.  Obviously that is why McConnell was pushing the nom through at top speed, and why Trump refused to request an FBI investigation– the window of opportunity is closing.  MeToo is strength in numbers.

I was a conservative when I started college…i gradually became liberalized through educational attainment.  I think that is pretty common.  But my road to Damascus moment really came when a science blogger I vastly admired made a comment online at the Crooked Timber blog– Razib Khan mused of the conservative base “How to tell stupid people they are stupid…”.  He immediately deleted the comment, but it was an epiphany for me– the raw sneering contempt for my people shocked me to my soul.

I loved Jon Haidt’s first book, The Righteous Mind.  It explained my people to me very elegantly, not with sneering or condescension.  So I was looking forward to his new book…The Coddling of the American Mind.  It was bitterly disappointing.  This book is a cheat.  “Opening Minds” will do nothing to improve traction for conservative ideology in academe for two reasons– 1) conservatism is past its sell-by date, it cant compete on college campuses, and 2) Trump has turned the GOP from the party of small government and free trade into the party of Big Government and Protectionist Tariffs.  I argue that Haidt knows this, and his championship of this sillie non-troversy is a cheat– both sides know this wont fix the imbalance in academe.  Its just radar chaff, designed to manipulate the Rube Nation.  Like Trump says, he “loves the uneducated” — increasingly they are the only ones that will vote for him.

Because there are so many things we could do.  Jeffrey Sachs proposes making campuses more conservative friendly by nuturing conservative family values– family student housing, campus childcare.

My proposal is more radical– why cant we all go to school on Ludus?  The Virtuality is our next big frontier– lets do a better job of making it egalitarian than we did with the Internet.  We need a national infrastructure project for robust internet access all across America– since 50% of universities are projected to be online by 2027– lets make sure the rural heartland gets equal access to quality online education.

In the recent past, conservative phenotype was equally successful with liberal phenotype– common sense and hard-work could increase social-class mobility…but those days are gone.  My people are being offered a pretty stark choice– embrace fascism to survive or collapse.   I think that just isnt fair, when there are so many things we could be doing better.

So please, if you dont actually want to help my people, if you just want to push their hot buttons to cling to power by any means available, farm their outrage and shame to shore up ur crumbling majority, and further divide this country into the educated and the uneducated…or even just sell books! please, just step on.  Dont pander to them and tell them they dont have to change, dont have to adapt to a 21st century fitness landscape, or that the other side is just as bad or worse so theres no responsibility for anyones actions.  There is a War on Stupid People— but its really a war on uneducated people– and you seem to want to have my people fight unarmed.

I’m begging you… either genuinely help them or… let my people go.


Why Can’t We All Go To School on Ludus?

Pretty sure my friend said this as a joke, but the true answer is, we totally can, and we really should.

I have written a lot about cultural evolution, evo theory of cooperation, the destabilization of the American CCP (Cooperation Competition Paradigm), GWAS of educational attainment, and what I perceive to be the greatest threat to the society of the United States going forwards.  But the clear and present danger I see is what happens the day after the Nov. elections.  I’m on the deck of the Titanic and I can see the iceberg from here.  After the 2016 election there was some analysis linking low EA (educational attainment) to Trump voters and I wrote about it here.  Nate Silver wrote about it here, and Dan McCormack here.

Over the summer two hugely important papers came out, one describing the heritability of EA and one linking higher EA to higher social class mobility.  The reason these papers are critically important is not just the sample size– Dr. Lee’s results are derived on the basis of 1.1 million SNPs– but the information encoded in the results.  It seems pretty obvious that in the age of Cambrian explosions in robotics and machine learning and agile innovation a college degree is going to be a basic neccessity to get a good job.  The good middleclass jobs of the 21st century are projected to be computer programmer and data scientist, not auto-factory worker or miner/farmer.  IOW theres no place for Jefferson’s Noble Yeoman Farmers in the 21st century economy.

What this means for the balanced CCP is that the fitness landscape has changed.  In the past conservative tendency humans could make a reasonable case for common sense and a good work ethic having more value than a fancy college education…that’s not true anymore.

Here is another huge problem…this is a graphic of the 2016 Scholastic poll.  Hillary won that fantasy election by 2 votes to 1.  The only thing I want you to take away from this graphic is that roughly 1/2 of the students depicted will be able to vote in the 2020 election.

Will they vote?  Cant say…but this bluing of the public school map is more evidence that Cthulu is still swimming slowly and inexorably left.  Pair that with fact that academe is painted blue and its a pretty grim picture of the breakdown of the CCP.  We have current divisions on race and gender and culture and geolocation in the electorate– a division on educational attainment of college vs non-college will be disastrous.

Two books that came out on the same day have really influenced my thought on this… Coddling by Jon Haidt and How Fascism Works by Jason Stanley.  I think these books should be read in tandem, in context.  I think the premise of Coddling is fine, and certainly we should implement its precepts– but the idea that it will mend the imbalance in academe is ludicrous.  The problem with opening minds and a safe space for discussion is that are not any conservative ideologies that can compete on 21st century university campuses.   Slowing change in the age of time dilation imposed by the internet is probably a very good idea, but unsaleable to college students hoping to turn degrees into good paying jobs.  And other good ideas– free trade, limited government, are basically unsalvageable because Trump is actually doing the exact opposite.  The adjacency-branding of conservative ideology is unmitigatedly horrible for high EA youth: Trump, Nazis, IDW edgelords (Eric Weinstein) and barking islamophobes (Sam Harris), dusty ancients like Charles Murray, Proud Boys, KKKlansmen, ridickkulous goofs like Jordan Petersen, incels, channers, confederate revanchists, white supremicists and nationalists, evangelicals, racists and misogynists oh my…its pretty unappealing.  Haidts sillie, fluffy, well-intentioned book is epically useless.  See here.

The problem with Haidts book is that its a cheat– and im just going to call it “Coddling” because that is what it is– both sides know full well the real reasons conservative ideology cant get traction on campuses– the free speech screaming from the right is just performative.  But its also fascist myth-making– the idea that terrific conservative ideas are embargo’d because of liberal bias, and the state should take over the schools/courts/google etc.

This is happening.  And its scary, but what im more scared of is the idea of two subpopulations diverging on the basis of educational attainment, two classes of citizens, the educated and the un-educated.  And im not even going to mention IQ, even though EA is consistently used as a proxy for IQ in research…because its CORRELATED, not causal.

What im terrified of is that the conservative tendency half of the CCP is being presented with a stark choice:  Collapse or survive by embracing fascism.  Now I love Collapse…its fascinating, magnificent…an obsession…I want to be the Tanya of Mars (one of my favorite scientists) but of Collapse.  The Collapse zone, on the border of complexity and chaos is where SOC occurs.  And Collapse would be the optimal outcome for the GOP– because it could reinvent itself to be modern, inclusive, adaptive, appealing to youth, minorities, women, etc.  But I dont think that will happen…in complexity science we dont say tribe…we say organism.  What will an organism do to survive?

So Ive been slurred pretty often as a Social Justice Warrior…I guess it isnt a slur if Im proud to be one.  So I want to be a social justice warrior for the right in the domain of educational attainment.


There are things we could be doing that would work:

1. create viable, relevant online universities.  For-profit online unis are currently an epic fail.  Graduation rate 22% and a dismal job placement rate– traditional degrees are just worth more in the marketplace.  And Trump and DeVos are working to make them worse, by deregulating them.  Its projected that half of all universities will be online by 2027– lets make the graduation rate and job placement stats comparable to brick and mortar schools WITH GOV REGULATION.  Better yet, lets make college free for everyone that needs help!

2.  give every US citizen highspeed internet access via a workfare infrastructure program.  So kids could go to college from home, in situ, right from the rural heartland.  Part of inheritance is symbolic and behavioral– letting conservative youth go to school in situ could go a long ways to rebalancing the CCP.  And also– rebalancing geolocation.

3.  The Virtuality is coming for us anyways— lets get there first.  People are lately deploring the growth of the internet comms giants and their insipid response to security and privacy protections in favor of making vast wads of cash– thats just how unregulated capitalism works, sry.  But we could PLAN for an egalitarian, democratic Virtuality if we got started now.

We could use the government to create these programs, which is a profoundly anti-conservative idea, i guess.  But my favorite would be The Ludus Strategy.

This wont make a lot of sense unless you read the book (recommended) or see the movie Ready Player One, so here’s a shmoop of chapter seven.  Ludus is a planet in the Virtuality that is home to thousands of free public schools.

Some cool things about Ludus:  all the virtual schools are built from the same template, excellent teachers can be copied in virtual presence to thousands of schools, everyone wears uniforms, football tackles are virtual (no CTE)…and most of all its FREE.

Could conservatives be persuaded that these are good ideas where government intervention could level the playing field for them and their offspring (instead of for minorities and women)?  Because quotas and force installing conservative professors in colleges and Haidt style “Coddling” just wont work.  Conservatism needs to evolve in the 21st century to be appealing to high EA youth (college students).




Sorry this got so long.  But I am very sure the day after the midterms the analysis is going to show the anti-Trump vote centers around EA, and this will just exacerbate the divergence between the two sub-populations.  Here is a sample from a recent poll…

…the only demographic Trump still carries is non-college white males, and only by 55%.  It will be disastrous for the US if we are divided into college and non-college  sub-populations.

We can do better for America.