Gene Flow, Memetic Fitness, the Islamic State and Warrior Demes

In this article featuring my sister Humera Khanserai’s sage contibutributions it is apparent that “Mariyam” ‘s intent to make hijrah and covalent ideology is opaque to the authors.  Its really simple to understand.  The Islamic State is building a Warrior Deme.
Raising the level of faith and combat efficiency during the training of the youth of the region of savagery and establishing a fighting society at all levels and among all individuals by means of making them aware of its importance.  But it must be made clear that it is an obligatory duty [wuj bihi al-muta`ayyan], which does not mean that every individual member of society must practice fighting; rather, only a part or portion of the fighting ranks (must practice it) in the form which the society knows best and needs.– Abu Bakr Naji
Hijrah is migration— what Sewell Wright describes as genetic flow.  In young males a natural selection for the warrior  gene complex and the warrior meme complex.  Hijrah is difficult– a fitness gradient that only the upper tail of the distribution can pass.  Its both genetic flow and memetic fitness– natural selection for a genetic/memetic subpopulation or deme.  The reason the US cant figure out the lure of the Islamic State is because it only appeals to the “few of the few”– the upper tailers.  And especially for young women and girls.  The upper tail of the XX distribution is selection for piety and maternal instinct.  The upper tail of the XY is selection for piety and protective paternal instinct.  And what happens for the exemplery phenotypes with high enough IQ and skills to make hijrah?
They reproduce.  The first thing many do is marry.
And they train.  The West is pitching a fit about about IS military training for young children– but to IS its only realistic.  The West, in trying to suppress Islamic self representation in Muslim populations, has essentially created a monster– a breeding population of protective supersoldiers and hypermaternal supermothers– they tell the West explicitly what is happening– the mujahideen are all Abu (father) and the mujahirin are all Umm (mother).
And social media is the vector for building a Warrior Deme.

Establishing a media plan which seeks, in each of these stages, rational and Sharia justification for the operations, especially (targeting) the masses. (It must be a plan) which escapes the captivity of targeting individuals of the other Islamic groups, who already understand everything! However, the masses are a difficult factor which will be our back and our support in the future, provided that there is transparency in this plan and even an acknowledgment of errors sometimes. This will reveal the lies and tricks of the enemy and firmly establish the impression of our truthfulness among the masses.

When this media plan——from now on, the media committees must designate who plans it——
accompanies this stage of the administration of savagery, its specific target is to (motivate) crowds drawn from the masses to fly to the regions which we manage, particularly the youth after news of (our) transparency and truthfulness reaches them so that they may be fully aware of the loss of money, people, and worldly gains [lit. ““fruits””].— Abu Bakr Naji
This is a *design*.
So when Graeme Woods asks “What Does ISIS Really Want?”–the Warrior Deme is part of it.  A subpopulation genetically and memetically engineered to attract, breed and raise generations of lions.
Natural selection for Citizen-Warriors– exactly what the jews did at the establishment of Israel.  @billmon1 pointed out to me that IS doesnt have a greatpower backer.  My counter is they do– social media enabled population masses.  Social media has changed everything.
Besides, IS has a bottomless youth recruitmment pool for the next 35 years, and like IS says, the fighting has just begun.
You Are Not Prepared.

10 thoughts on “Gene Flow, Memetic Fitness, the Islamic State and Warrior Demes

  1. A double edged sword, isn’t it?

    Genetic or memetic selection is beneficial only to a certain point. If the frequency of “warrior genes” in the population exceed a certain threshhold, the “warriors” will either slaughter each other to extinction or be slaughtered by others. As history shows us, the most successful societies in the long run weren’t the most aggresive ones but those that were the strongest economically and could control their agression.

    By strongly favoring the warrior gene-meme complex, Islam knots the rope it will be hanged at.


    • But thats not what happened with Israel is it?
      What IS is doing is just what Israel did at inception– building a state of citizen-soldiers.
      But jews were encouraged to emmigrate to Israel– so got a broad cross-section in population structure. Old, young, sick, healthy, high IQ, low IQ.
      Hijrah is difficult– its a selection gradient for determination, piety, skill, etc
      And for age– the mujahirin (forsakers) are all so young.
      the global muslim population is young, according my favorite quant Conrad Hackett.


  2. Just wanted to leave a comment about the translated quilliam paper on women, without using twitter & staying Anonymous. A man’s responsibility is to bring in the money, a women’s responsibility is mothering/taking care of a home (obviously in marriage), BUT they are not limited to their roles. A man does not want to be just known for bringing the bread, just like some women do not want to be just defined as a mother etc. The paper translated by Quilliam clearly says that it is not the official policy of IS, but just a personal opinion of a group of women living there. It is curious almost all of the news agencies left that info out. I’m sure there are women there who do not agree with everything written in that paper, like the many educated women who went to live & work there. There are also many women still studying in IS held Mosul.


    • There is a consistant effort to present the Islamic State in the worst possible light.
      Naji calls this the deceptive media halo. If IS can govern the US loses, its that simple.
      Redistributive social justice economy beats free market capitalism in resource allocation.


  3. Also, Hijra results in extraordinary influx of different races. Many of these muslims from different races will cross-marry thereby producing hybrid offspring who will undoubtedly exhibit hybrid vigour! The Islamic State is literally building a generation of super-muslims!


    • It’s called regression to the mean. So, no super-Muslims. Otherwise Brazil would be the world’s greatest power rather than the place which produces the “Elite Squad” movies.


      • Theres a real selection gradient– smart enough to make hijrah, young, healthy. its similiar to aliyah for the jews in the 50s, but the selection gradient is more steep.
        Israelis have citizen-soldiers too.


  4. Yes, undoubtedly the new muhajirun will benefit from a selection gradient (Fremen…).

    I’ll be interested to see what happens when the “cubs of the Caliphate” come of age as “lions”. We haven’t seen the creation of a whole new generation of soldier-citizens with a transcendent cause in several decades.

    Similarly I’ll be interested to see if they retain the egalitarian citizen-warrior concept or if we see the birth of a new ghazi aristocracy. I’m sure there’s probably something interesting to be said in future about lone wolves as the new razzia.


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