Obama Lying About His TOPSECRET Global Police

In watching President Obama’s SOTU I was frankly astonished to hear this– at 10:05 in:

Third, how do we keep America safe and lead the world without becoming its policeman?

This amazed me because creating a global police force made up of United States Special Operations Forces is exactly what Obama is doing right now.  Last year Attorney General Loretta Lynch announced the founding of the “Strong Cities Network”.  Essentially it means UN cover for the global police force Obama wants to pretend the US isn’t solely staffing.

Here is the fundage for those 70k SOF troops via DefenseOne.  Here is the indispensible Nick Turse on deployment– A Secret War in 135 Countries .

And thanks to the wonders of internet connectivity I even know how Obama plans to implement his TOPSECRET non-boots-on-the-ground global police force– via Dr. Bar-Yam.  Here’s the white paper for the SOF global policemen.

Amazingly Bar-Yam is proposing yet another externally imposed topdown control system (global SOF police) on emergent regional processes.  Everything I know about complexity science mandates this will fail– indeed, it is failing already as evidenced by the sad fate of Div 30– supposed to be a localized emergent agent to counter IS and JaN, now sadly defunct at a cost of 500 million US taxdollars.

And this part– why, this is actually a description of IS isnt it?  The only difference is IS is self-organizing and locally emergent, unlike Obama’s stealth police.

In an advanced organizational concept, the forces involved may be similar to conventional forces, but they are coupled to a distributed decision-making process that enables many factors to be considered in order to achieve desired objectives. Actions in general will probably not be at full force, just as the availability of muscles that can kick or punch does not imply that they will be used at full capacity at all times. The objective is to deliver the right force to the right target at the right time through an understanding of the specifics of the situation as it changes in time. Developing such decision-making capacity requires adopting network structures for the decision-making system.

The immune system most naturally corresponds to special operations forces that have the expectation of being embedded in local contexts and serving highly complex, (i.e., diverse) roles. The existence of high fine-scale complexity forces, including special operations forces and integrating diplomatic, intelligence, and law enforcement agencies, and the extensive engagement with non-combatants, training of local forces, non-lethal force, psychological warfare, economic incentives, and economic support, reflects the natural extension of the complex fine-scale actions that are needed for achieving local and global objectives of complex warfare.

Agents interact with each other primarily through local communication to achieve coordination of their individual actions for effective attack, defense, search, or other tasks. The primary role of such coordination is to achieve the right level and kind of local capability.

Seriously, in the body of MENA the great powers are the invasive agents, and the various islamic insurgencies are the immune response protocols: leucocytes and T-cells.

This information is all out there– anyone can access the datastream.  I just continue to be shocked at the bovine complacency of the American electorate, and the blind cultural chauvinism of the scientific community.

We aren’t the good guys here…we aren’t even the better guys.


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