The Cloud and the Land

I don’t think I’m very smart…I’m just extragood at pattern recognition.  And there seems to be a global pattern of insurgency, resistance, rebellion and self-determination emerging.  Anti-establishment sentiment– whatever you want to call it.

In America, Trump and Sanders have tapped the vein.  In MENA its ISIS and Nusra– Trudeau in Canada, Corbyn in the UK.  Greece, Spain, Portugal.  Al-Shabaab in Somalia and Boko Haram in Nigeria.  The top down control systems are banging themselves to pieces and the resultant chaos fields are high growth petri dishes for revolution, insurgency, civil war.  Why is this happening?  What has changed?

Its the cloud– billions of globally connected nodes, tides and ebbs of information.  The cloud has changed the power distribution.

And what of the land?  Right now its supersaturated with weapons in MENA.  And right in the middle– Israel– with ~200 nuclear warheads, a hairtrigger hyperparanoid temper and an apparent deathwish.

The global geopolitical landscape is deforming under the influence of the cloud and demographic shift– we are entering an age where the cloud moves the land.  And things will never be the same again.


One thought on “The Cloud and the Land

  1. For non-Americans, there is no prospect of self-determination so long as their “cloud” is run by American companies.


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