Terrorist Alligators: You Never See Them Coming

Screen Shot 2016-06-16 at 3.14.55 PMIts really amazing to me what unaware assholes Americans are.

For example, in sheer numerics, every day in Aleppo is an Orlando…much like every month in Iraq under OIF was a 9/11.  But the amazing covalence of the story of the toddler sadly alligator-snatched off a Disney beach and the massive slaughter of LGBTs inside the Pulse nightclub is just simply remarkable.  I expect to get a lot of haterade over this but the isomorphism is so striking.

Alligators, much like native Americans, have been hunted, their habitats extinguished, and corralled into ever shrinking display arenas where they can generate profit.  Mirable dictu, continuous exposure to hairless monkeys and their young gawking at them has resulted in a reduction of the natural fear wild animals should feel for h. sapiens.

Visiting the Bahamas as a kid my dad often railed at the local dive shops’ exploitation of the guided “shark dives”, where scuba divers sat on the ocean floor back to back, armed with only a knife and a can of shark repellant, while the guides chummed the sharks all around them.  My dad said the dive shops were teaching the sharks to associate humans with feeding and removing the fear of humans.  Evolution and adaptation to available food sources.

Much in the same fashion 9/11 removed the “media halo” of the invincibility of America.  This idea is explored at length in Idarat al Tawahhush, which is basically a field manual for crashing a superpower.  A big part of the US islamic terror problem is media sensationalism.  The crush of journos mobbing the Pulse nightclub story has naturally reached out to inflict 24/7 coverage of the local and accessible alligator story, probably causing financial harm to Disney, but amplifying the Pulse event as well.  And publicity is gasoline on the fires of terror.  “Successful” terror events spawn more terror events.  Adam Lanza was reportedly going for a body count record.

The problem is, even meta-surveillance never sees the alligator until the attack.  Or the terrorist.

The same as the Columbine killers, the Virginia Tech killer, the Fort Hood killer, the Tsarnevs, the Hebdo killers, the Paris bombers, the Brussels bombers, the SanBernardino slayers, and now Omar Mateen.  But islamic terror seems especially good at recruiting the broken, the beaten and the damned into allegiance.  Does anyone see a trend here?  Islamic terror is on the rise in the 21st century, in both frequency and amplitude.  Giving bayah to IS amplifies and legitimizes whatever grievances the attackers are holding.

How does one drain the swamp when the swamp is America’s backyard?  If you cant flag ALL the potential attackers (and you cant), the optimal solution is to restrict opportunity for mass slaughter.  And that means regulating assault weapons as a first step.  America is in the process of stinging itself to death like a partly crushed scorpion.

Unjust America stumbles about the world, never considering the second and third order effects of military and political actions.  But just as its not possible to get all the alligators out of Florida, its not possible to find every proto-terrorist in America.  The proto-terrorists, whether RW redbrain tendency, sexually frustrated social pariahs, or islamists nominally motivated by the endless Sunni slaughter perpetrated by the USA, they are all submerged in the American socio-cultural swamp.

And you just never know when the Alligator is coming for you.



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