Why You Cant Ever Find the Alligator

Screen Shot 2016-06-17 at 4.24.01 PMFlorida Frenzy continues with Disney swearing that it will find/kill the alligator that seized the toddler in the Seven Seas Lagoon– I’m unsure how that would be ascertained since the toddler’s body is intact.  Alligators normally roll with their prey in the water and tear off a limb or appendage to swallow.  But more importantly– there 1.5 million alligators in Florida and that alligator was behaving within the normal parameters of alligator behavior, as it continues to behave within those parameters.  They wont find it (and prove its the one)– but they may certainly sacrifice some other alligator in the name of closure and PR.

I just watched Wolf Blitzer (CNN) interview some AF droid about Omar Mateen– this perfectly groomed, perfectly plastic Ken Doll/GI Joe clone blamed public opposition to bulk surveillance for proto-terrorists slipping through the net.  NEWSFLASH: Bulk surveillance doesn’t ever catch lone wolves (or lone alligators).   Because just as the alligators are behaving strictly within the norms of alligator behavior the proto-terrorists are behaving strictly within the norms of US citizen behavior.   Even down to buying an AR-15.  Is everyone that buys an Ar-15 a proto-terrorist?  Is every muslim a proto-terrorist?  Aye, there’s the rub.

The FBI reportedly had a million pieces of data on the Tsarnev brothers.  Patriot Act bulk surveillance post 9/11 didn’t catch them.  Bulk surveillance also didnt catch the Sandy Hook shooter, the Aurora theater shooter, the Virginia Tech shooter, the Charleston church shooter.  This is emergent behavior and undetectable before the event because pre-event behavior is within the norm.  I like to call them flash terrorists.  The SanBernardino shooting was obviously a workplace shooting, linked to IS at the last moment.  The Pulse shooting was a hate crime linked to IS at the last moment.  If anything, IS seems extremely proficient at turning personal pathological psychologies into socio-political weapons.

How to solve this problem?  Let IS sympathizers go to Sham.  Take their passports, let them go.  The reason US/UK/France/Brussels etc cant let them do that is because they would succeed in building an islamic state, much like the Israelis succeeded in building a jewish state in the 50s.  And that cant be allowed.

The question for me is how long are the American people going to tolerate this state of affairs?  Domestic terrorism is just agent meeting opportunity– and opportunity is American gun culture.  Flash terrorism is on display in Israel everyday– but with knives instead of guns.

So think of Disney’s problem in trying to find that one terrorist alligator, even after the event.  Even more impossible to find a terrorist alligator before the attack.  All the alligators are Alligator Normal.  And here is the crux of the problem of bulk surveillance– proto-terrorist behavior is American Normal, right down to buying an Ar-15.

عندما يحلّ الظلام يتساوى الأعمى والبصير



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