Forbidden Planet

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Forbidden Planet is one of my all time favorite movies– I have loved it since childhood.  But sadly I see a lot of parallels to contemporary America.

And I’m heartbroken over the current state of America.  I honestly dont care who wins the election…its a choice between a massive cardiovascular event and terminal gastroenteric cancer.  But I will say this– we deserve Donald Trump.  He is the avatar of the American Dream– fabulously rich, surrounded by his trophy wives and trophy children…pugnacious, self-assured, bombastic.  He embodies American Exceptionalism perfectly…its like we americans with all our riches and power have become the Krell.  Clinton is just a monster of a different sort.

The two points for me that resonated the most in the respective conventions were Marcus Lutrell at the RNC and the hispanic ex-Marine congressman at the DNC.  Lutrell appeared to be in the throws of an A-stan PTSD flashback, his pupils entirely dilated and darting maniacally around the room– the ex-Marine reminissed fondly about “kicking the doors in Iraq”.  When will we stop sending American troops around the word to try to bomb brown muslim people or yellow communist people into secular judeo-xian “democracy”?

The only thing both parties agree on is the need to wipe out IS…i think it cant be done.  Our foreign policy is set to spawn an infinite number of fractal islamic insurgencies…fueled by the demographic tsunami coming out of Africa and vectored on the social media of the digital age.

The implication in Forbidden Planet is that the Krell got extincted by their own “monsters from the id”– that using the Krell brain amplifier created these uncontrollable monsters as a by-product…its like all of the GOP base (redbrain genetic tendency ) are monsters from Americas id.  We liberals say we are different– that we are forced to support the id monsters to win elections.  I even believed that until i saw what Obama has done for the last 71/2 years.  Ramp up of the surveillance state, persecution of whistleblowers, bombs and drones, covert CIA ops…Obama betrayed every promise he made to me.  Sry, I take it personal.

Donald Trump is no more than we deserve.  May the best monster win.

“Monsters!  Monsters from the id!” — Dr. Morbius

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