Terrible Lie


My depression and lack of posting isnt directly attributable to the election…its all about what the election has unveiled.  Like the creeping reveal of a terrifying horror movie there were plenty of clues in the run-up to Trump’s election.  The one thing that Trump told his supporters that was actually true– “I am your last chance”.  If the GOP remains the party of non-college whites they will never win a majority again.

But the coming liberal supermajority isnt exactly good news for our democratic republic.  The Terrible Lie that America is founded upon is that “all men are created equal”.  Liberals believe that the playing field (environment) can be leveled with law– conservatives believe that attitude can triumph over aptitude (“drive”) — these are articles of faith.   Yet neither of these aphorisms are true.  The truth is that we can’t level the genes.  At least, not yet.

The deciding factor in the election was educational attainment, pointed out by Nate Silver and Daniel McCormack—  McCormack’s analysis is especially trenchant when applied to the four battleground states that decided the election.  Yet no one is talking about this.  Are we afraid to?  Maybe.

What we are going to discover going forward is correlation of IQ and educational attainment, correlation of IQ and SES, correlation of brain biochemistry and IQ…and horribly — inverse correlation of IQ and educational attainment with red brain biochemistry.  Data Science, R programming, MIT’s Social Machine, and accelerated research into cognitive genomics with our new fabulous 21st century technology toolset– these tools are going to raise the lid on a pandora’s box of horrors that we would much rather not know…because it means secular democracy is a Terrible Lie.

The Founder’s America was built on the rough electoral parity of two ideologies– but what happens when there is radical electoral dimorphism?  In polarized America, the only thing that breaks familial tendency  seems to be education.  So what Grand Bargain can a permanent liberal supermajority offer the conservative minority?  Is there a place for Jefferson’s Noble Yeomen Farmers in the college-educated hightech world of the future where robots do their old blue-collar jobs?  Just one example– with the advent of self-driving cars 1.5 million long haul truckers are projected to lose their jobs within 4 years.  Can Trump bring those jobs back too?

This is why KellyAnne Conway (aka Skeletor in Drag) is so vested in pushing the eumeme of “alternative facts”.  Its why the GOP’s only pragmatic option for maintaining political power is fascism.

Even though I am a flaming liberal I hate this…I stood in class and pledged allegiance like everyone else.  If the richest country on earth cant realize the dream of a representative republic what hope is there to spread “democracy” to the rest of the planet?  And even worse…how to keep red brain genetic tendency Americans from finding out the truth?

Unz blogger Razib Khan once famously (or infamously) mused– “How to tell stupid people that they are stupid…”.  Going forward Razib and the rest of the HBD crewe are gunna have to work furiously to keep them from finding out.






5 thoughts on “Terrible Lie

  1. They’ll say the difference is personality, not intelligence. “Liberals aren’t smarter, they are just more susceptible to indoctrination by cultural Marxism.”


    • Wont be able to because of genomic data– and anyways it wont matter. There are more college educated Americans every year, and less of Silents and Boomers as the Olds die off. As the older, sicker Americans die off they will be replaced with younger, Millenials and Gen Xers and college-educated Americans.
      There are ~20 million new college freshmen each year.
      And look at the Scholastic Poll– abt half those kids will be able to vote in 2020.
      The GOP lost by 3 million votes this year — they will never win the popular majority again. And eventually the rising tide of educated Americans will top the levees of gerrymandered districts.


  2. I don’t know, I think this post would be more relevant in a world where Hillary won. If there really is such a thing as red and blue genotypes, with red being dumber, it is still entirely possible that future politics will cut across red and blue boundaries. Huge ideological shifts are manifestly occurring in America. If I look at the issues where Trump attracted support – trade, immigration, war – I see no reason at all why an educated population needs to support free trade, open borders, and interventionist empire. And in fact progressives seem to oppose 2 out of 3 of those, the exception being open borders.

    btw: “Stupidity as a mental illness”, by an xNSA guy.


    • there is an entire body of cognitive neuroscience work on red/blue brain biochemistry– the internet is like the invention of the printing press– except it enables “alternative” facts and fake science to be spread via SNT thru conservative aligned social networks


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