The End of Israel

This piece published in Israeli media was pretty revelatory for me– all the chatter about Obama’s lack of a Syria strategy, or the insanity of what he is implementing, suddenly makes complete logical sense.  Obama wants to end the unwinnable forever war on “radical Islam”.  His strat appears to be containment of the “war on terror” in the ME and then a pivot to Africa.  I wrote this piece about why would anyone play a game they can never win…this is the reason.  Obama isnt playing to win… he was simply going to wall off the board in the ME and let the players fight it out.  HRC would have continued the same strat.

But with a new president the board is back in play.  The creation of a US/Gulf state league is a total wet dream for islamic insurgencies.

I would like to say a word or two about demographics.  By 2050 25% of the planet’s humans will be muslim (concentrated in MENA, subsaharan Africa and SE Asia, there will be 1 billion youth in Africa (mostly sunni muslim), but there will still only be ~16 million jews.  The global jewish breeding population has only now begun to recover from the effects of the Holocaust when 60% of the global jewish population was eliminated.  Around 10 million jews live in Israel.   This is simply unsustainable unless Israel can make peace with its neighbors.

One of the global effects of the internet and SNT connectivity is the re mapping of the global power distribution.  Put simply, the chokehold of rich white humans on the 10: 1 majority of darkskinned poor humans will erode going forward.

Israel will be demographically drowned under the tsunami of MENA youth migration moving north in search of jobs and a refuge from civil wars.  Is the US really prepared to deploy hundreds of thousands of US troops backed by millions of US taxpayers to protect an unsustainable apartheid state?

2 thoughts on “The End of Israel

  1. When the time comes, Israel can just switch sides. Elevate Mizrahi Jews within Israel, work with Gulf (or whoever) to develop the “Red Sea region” states as a buffer against immigration, and use Jewish power in America to restrain the white crusaders.


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