Polarization and Pseudo-Speciation: Morlocks and Eloi Edition

The Eloi arrive for slaughter
The Eloi arrive for slaughter

I’m not really very happy about the current instantiation of my skull furniture.  You could say I’m being forced to redecorate because my old skull furniture burned up in a trash fire.  Descartes, Kant, Jefferson, Neitsche, Wittgenstein, Hayek, Hume, etc.  Also the ridickkulous trope of liberal democracy– “we are all equal” is just a terrible lie.  And a worse eumeme is that “we are all one” — we just aren’t.

What all the pundits are calling polarization in US politics is actually psuedo-speciation– pseudo because we can still presumably physically interbreed.  Sometime ago I began to suspect that the nature of organic reality is fractal, and not gaussian.  What this means to philosophy, government, society and culture is that the coarsest scale of h. sapiens sapiens is always N >> (strictly greater than) 1.   In layman’s terms, that means two tribes/organisms will always fight.  In philosophical terms that means there can never be universal human rights and universal human values/morality as long as there is more than one tribe.

Two responses to the 2016 Edge question in particular directed my current thought– Berreby on Creation of a No Ethnic Majority Society and Wheatley’s Dawn of Understanding in the context of Haidt’s Strongest Prejudice and  Why Do People Vote Republican .

America is going down.

How do you sell “liberal democracy” as a panacea for global ills when you can’t even put out a trash fire in your own backyard?




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