Is Razib Khan Cracking Up?

Roughly two years after the New York Times terminated Razib Khan’s contract after a single day, Khan has severed all visible connection with Unz and VDare, and shut down “The Secular Right” –the weblog he shared with John “Sun People/ Ice People” Derbyshire.  Quarantining himself has not led to the NYT proffering a new contract.  And Khan seems to be growing increasingly incensed over the treatment of conservative quasi-scientists like Charles Murray at American universities.  He claims that university students are acting like the “Red Guard” in China’s cultural revolution, showing a profound lack of understanding of the Cultural Revolution and Chinese history from that period.  And this presumes that Murray Racial IQ Theory is indeed science, when its actually a dusty 20+ year old hypoth that has been serially discredited and is of little contemporary value.  I have no problem with Murray speaking on behalf of AEI, a known white nationalist “think-tank”.  And Murray is a political scientist, not a social scientist or a geneticist.

But the craziest thing I saw today was this treatment of John Maynard Smith’s tremendous Evolutionary Theory of Games.  EGT is something that is very current today, in complex adaptive game theory and in the wonderful EGG research project, for example.

Right.  But if Khan “forces himself” to talk about JMS concept of ESS (Evolutionarily Stable Strategy) isnt he going to have to give up on “reforming” Islam?  Because Islam is actually a CSS (Culturally Stable Strategy), a term contributed by Richard Dawkins himself (mirable dictu) to JMS book.

If Khan actually understands the ESS/CSS concept of EGT, then he knows its not possible to “reform” Islam without rewriting the Quran, a book soon to be read by a quarter of the world’s population.

An evolutionarily stable strategy (ESS) is a strategy which, if adopted by a population in a given environment, cannot be invaded by any alternative strategy that is initially rare. It is relevant in game theory, behavioural ecology, and evolutionary psychology. An ESS is an equilibrium refinement of the Nash equilibrium. It is a Nash equilibrium that is “evolutionarilystable: once it is fixed in a population, natural selection alone is sufficient to prevent alternative (mutant) strategies from invading successfully.

I think he’s cracking up.  Know what we usta call Razib back in the day?  Gunga Khan…after Kipling’s regimental bishti Gunga Din.  Because he carry water for the white people.

4 thoughts on “Is Razib Khan Cracking Up?

    • im not interested in discussing my personal problems here

      one wud have to be pretty thick to not notice “gunga” khan quit his job at Unz and shut down the Secular Right
      the polarization of science is a trend mirroring the polarization of America
      its a response to the dis-equilibrium of red/blue brain biochemistry and 4-path heredity
      and diminished relative fitness of redbrain phenotype in a modern technocratic & global society
      theres been plenty of work done on red/blue brain hypothesis– just not by scientists like Khan that prefer to study race
      because (obvi) they have redbrain genetic tendency
      Haier’s terrific new book emphasizes genetic determinism– but the monster in the closet for conservative scientists is the correlation btwn IQ and educational achievement and the concentration of blue brain phenotypes in academe


      • the complexity science paradigm of Cooperation Competition seems to be in play here– my thesis is that the between group variance of red and blue phenotypes overwhelms the between group variance on race, and also is greater than the within group variance on red/blue phenotypes.
        we have a fab new toolset: Social Physics, Data Mining, Machine Learning, Social Network Analysis, Complexity Science…
        we should be happy as kings with our new ability to advance the frontiers of science.
        but instead we see screaming and whining from conservative “scientists” abt how they cant speak about old crap science on campus cloaked in the mantle of free speech.
        Bad, outdated science isnt free speech.


  1. I expect the last decade or so of the oil era, will be dominated by China.

    We will be seriously disentangling by the 2020sj. US is already mostly disentangled. I don’t believe China’s oil consumption will peak until the mid 20’s, so I’m expecting they will probably be the last major power engaged there.

    So I’m expecting the ME will be China’s baby at the end.


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