There is No Liberal Bias in Academe– Its Selection for IQ

Im only into the first chapter of this wonderful book– but I already see the solution to conservative claims of liberal bias in academe!

This study claims academe is not representative of the conservatives in the upper 5% of IQ.

The left-liberal skew of British academia cannot be primarily explained by intelligence. The distribution of party support within the top 5% of IQ is relatively similar to the distribution of party support within the general population.
Do you see the authors mistake?  He is using the top 5% of IQ– universities select the upper 1-2% in IQ.  So if the author redoes the study, I imagine he will find academic proportions true to the upper 1-2% being nearly purely liberal.  If it was a snake it would have bit you.
I learned this from Haier’s wondrous book.
I cant wait to learn more.
You’re welcome.

8 thoughts on “There is No Liberal Bias in Academe– Its Selection for IQ

  1. Agreed academe is selected for IQ.
    Left/Right could be more complicated.
    Eg Self-interest might favor support for party more likely to fund your career and interests.

    Suggested test:
    Would equivalent IQs or specialities in private sector exhibit similar L/R breakdown?
    eg. Scientists working in private sector vs scientists working in academe.

    Admittedly hard to test for theoretical research, but much applied science is entrepreneurial, with easy passage from private to public sector.


  2. How closely does the LSAT/GRE correlate with IQ? Doesn’t studying destroy some of the relationship between these tests and IQ?

    And if your argument is right, then shouldn’t conservatives be over represented in the section of the population that is 95 – 98th percentile for intelligence?


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