Killing Hitler

So here is Conor Friedersdorf’s taxonomy of violent protest movements.  He starts with his usual profound misunderstanding of islamic movements like ISIS– ISIS is not a protest movement– they don’t have street marches and protests– it is a violent armed insurgency that deliberately uses terror as a long-game strategy in asymmetrical warfighting.  It has nothing to do with Black Lives Matter, Anti-fa, white supremacists, confederate revanchists or neo-Nazis.

ISIS has nothing to do with Naziism either.  Do you know, Conor, what movement is affiliated with Naziism?  The neo-Nazis that marched in the “Unite the Right” parade in Charlottesville.

So I ax Conor on his TL if he would go back in time and kill Hitler, given the opportunity.  No response of course.  It seems to me that if one is willing to go back in time to kill Hitler that is use of violence to achieve a goal.  Because thats what Anti-fa is trying to do.  Kill a Hitler before one emerges by exposing/destroying the potential base of support for fascism.  (ed. note:In these arguments I never want to go back in time to kill Hitler.  I think Hitler was an emergent effect of the spacetime composition of the German citizenry, there were likely many proto-Hitlers in the population, just like there was emergent fascism.  Problematic to eliminate them all.  No, if I get magical time travel powers someday (magical because time-travel to the past is improbable because of closedform timecurves) I would save Alan Turing and bring him to the future.  Because of biology there are infinitely many proto-Hitlers out there but only one Alan Turing.)

That aside Anti-fa is just what their name suggests– against fascists.   Dr. Wang at PEC has a fascism checklist based on this source I think.  Trump has checked quite a few boxes so far.  So if you were trying to prevent fascist ideology from colonizing a permeable sub-population– like low-information red tribe voters and confederate revanchists/white supremacists in the US– what would you be willing to do?  Would you use violence?  Because, violence works.  Just ask Hannah Arendt or Kwame Ture (Howard university philosophy major).

In order for nonviolence to work, your opponent has to have a conscience.

If your opponent is viewed as not human, disposable, and in this hyper-polarized climate this is endemic, violence happens.  The consistent thing about Anti-fa is they are responding to violence, responding to invasion of their space.  The tiki torch parade happened before any Anti-fa showed up, and the polo shirt sporting incels intimidated a small group of female uni students protesting fascism.  That the violence was implied doesnt make it any less real.  The Unite the Right meme is “taking back” their country/cities/turf.  The unis and cities dont want them there.  Neither does anti-fa.

So is defensive violence ok or not?  It seems like Anti-fa is defending their communities against disruptive invasions.  “Unite the Right” discussed using violence in the chat-logs used to plan the march, planned for violence.

If there is ONE THING the divided country should be able to agree on, its that Naziism is BAD.  Fascism is BAD.

Personally i think the GOP needs to grow a spine, and Friedersdorf needs to grow a spine AND a conscience and cut out the bothsidesdoitism and whataboutism that seems so consistant in his opinions.

Conor, try to remember only one side is sporting paired Confederate and Nazi flags.



3 thoughts on “Killing Hitler

  1. Once again, I would like to give you some feedback, though it’s mostly away from the immediate topic… I am more mellow than I have been, about the prospect of something like a liberal cultural victory, despite the Brexit-Trump countermovement of 2016. If I look at the map of the world, and use e.g. same-sex marriage as the delimiter, I might say that liberal culture exists in non-Slavic white-majority countries, and conservative culture exists in Slavic and non-white countries. There are clearly other attitudes that correlate with that division, like elite tolerance for ethnonationalism, or even just for nationalism.

    Part of what I have found objectionable in our liberal western elite is arrogance and increasing use of authoritarian means to enforce their values and policies. Another part, of course, is that I’m a white male – but not an elite white male – and non-elite white males are the kulaks of new-left collectivism. So I can’t view our homegrown authoritarians with quite the same equanimity I might feel regarding those in other great powers or other parts of the world. Finally, I have become concerned that liberal policies like mass immigration and gender fluidity are actually socially corrosive. I certainly see an unwillingness to think about their negative side-effects.

    I guess I want to know things like: Are you determined to eliminate the grey zone between someone like me, and people who carry symbols of slavery and genocide, so that the only choice is between liberal multiculturalism, and that sort of white nationalism? And, do you have any comment on the anti-imperialist elements in Trump’s coalition?


    • I guess I want to know things like: Are you determined to eliminate the grey zone between someone like me, and people who carry symbols of slavery and genocide, so that the only choice is between liberal multiculturalism, and that sort of white nationalism?

      Im not determined to do anything, but cultural evolution being what it is, that is happening. look…culture doesnt shape society as much as society shapes culture according to its needs. so its like a gene drive, but its a meme drive instead. Society needs to be diverse, because demographics, because tech, because internet, to culture evolves to mirror it. Cambrian explosions are going off all around us. so, the fitness landscape– society and culture co-evolve, and the selection pressure is for explorer (blue) neurotypes going forward– education is key.


    • Trump & Bannon arent anti-imperialism– they just want to make it cheaper & more effective.
      Mercs & Browns financed by the local dictator tyrant that US is propping. Just against expensive futile Bushian regime change– becuz changing regime doesnt change the population make-up.


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