The Gone World

So, I read it in five hours– it reads like a screenplay and I literally couldn’t put it down. Its fantastic.  I totally forgave the artist’s liberties taken with q-physics– the application of closed-form timecurves and quantum foam are radically different from anything I learned in class.  But here’s the Goodreads synopsis.

I have to admit one of the things I’m most excited about is the eventual movie and the fact that Neil Blomkamp is in charge.   Usually the movie can never be better than the book.  I mean, I love Stranger Things (there is no book) but the unassailable fact that Netflix brutally butchered Altered Carbon initially filled me with trepidation, when I first read about the Netflix/Fox involvement.

I truly can’t wait to see Esperance modelled in the Unity engine.  Maybe we are entering a new era when the theatrical production can actually be better than the book?  And the crowd-funded effort for Firebase — Vietnam era scifi is as timely and relevent as District 9 was to apartheid South Africa.

Not everything is horrible.  I know I sound like that some of the time– but Blomkamp and Oates Studio are a wonderful beautiful shaping event in cultural and technological evolution– the leading edge of the waveform.


2 thoughts on “The Gone World

  1. (whisper… CTC is just “closed timelike curve”, not “closed-form”)

    I don’t know anything about that stuff. But on the subject of SF adaptations by new media companies, how about Amazon Prime and the Culture? Is that Bezos winking to unhappy net-communists like Richard Stallmann, saying, I don’t really intend to just own the entire world, the endgame is something different?


    • sry Mitch– retrieval fail. I meant that CTCs and Quantum Foam are used as literary devices to facilitate time travel to the past (probably impossible) and FTL (even more probably impossible). I’ll allow it– because the book was so good. Willing suspension of disbelief.
      U should read it– Penrose consciousness and QTNs (Quantum Tunnelling Nanocites) in the microtubules.
      The alienness and utter strangeness of the alien life…peerless– better even than 3Body.


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