The Slippery Slope of Racial IQ Theory

The real reason we should stop talking about race and IQ is that it’s a very short slide from there to biological determinism of IQ based on socio-political phenotype.  I do not think proving red/blue brain biochemistry hypothesis is going to be at all useful in the present political situ.  There are already significant findings correlating lack of educational attainment with Trump voters– and educational attainment is generally used in cognitive genomics studies as a proxy for IQ.

I may mock Razib “Gunga” Khan for his oft professed “small c” conservative/”classic liberal” values, but he said the truest thing evah once at Crooked Timber– musing on the raw unpersuadability of the conservative base–

“How to tell stupid people they are stupid…”

Culture is humanity’s greatest adaptation.  It enabled humans to live in social groups, and evolve our large expensive brains.  But cultural adaptation has also enabled the red tribe to temporarily seize control of US government– the sole criteria to lead the right is now the ability to win.  In game theory, AllD (all defector strategy) alla time.  The right’s elites have weaponized its base’s  lower IQ (lower ON AVERAGE, like the HBD guys say) and inherent lack of intellectual curiosity– the low-information voters of the pre-internet age have turned out to be highly permeable to false information.  The single main attribute that informs the Right is ressentiment– from the incels that cant get hot women to date them to the miners, truckers, farmers and factory workers that see their brown industry jobs increasingly automated or shipped overseas.  They have to cheat to win because the system is unfair.

But this had to happen…it may take 15 years like it did in California, but eventually the GOP will collapse and have to re-invent itself.  It took a perfect storm for Trump to win, and it solidified the right– the only value that matters now is to win.

If the incel movement is a pushback against feminism, then remember feminism is itself a pushback against plus ten million years of misogyny.  Social justice is a pushback against racism and slavery.  Overt misogyny and racism carry social capital penalties. And they should!  Its why the SSC racists so object to being called racists.  Its why James Damore got fired.  Evolving demographics in a representative democracy force cultural adaptation– women and minorities can vote here.  That is what feminism and social justice/civil rights are– cultural adaptations to support demographic evolution of the environment.

Now I cannot say with certainty what will happen– spontaneous collapse of the GOP would be the best outcome for all– but it could be a Jesusland split, a civil war, a gradual California-style liberal take-over, etc…but I can say what will never happen– that the US returns somehow to being 90% white.  And I think proving IQ differences between sub-populations is the very last thing we should be working towards.




Clash of Civilizations

No, not between Huntington-style Western Civilization and dar ul Islam— this is a story about the clash of sub-populations in the US– about red/blue brain biochemistry hypothesis and political polarization, about emergent systems and artificial systems, about social physics and identity and complex adaptive games.

The current assault by the alt-right on college campuses really isnt about free speech or science (ie Charles Murray Racial IQ Hypothesis).  It is about the continuing impenetrability of academe to conservative ideology, and red/blue neurotype/phenotype hypothesis.  You see, Dear Reader…the coming demographic doom of the GOP isnt the hispanic death cross– its education.

No one is talking about this but it is the most salient point coming out of the 2016 electionsthe correlation of educational attainment with liberal voting patterns.  Shockingly (or maybe not) education seems to be able to affect red/blue hereditary patterns (ie children inherit their parents ideology thru symbolic and behavioral pathways).

So having seized the presidency the right is incapable of understanding why conservative ideology still cant penetrate academe to propagate conservative ideas.  And this is partly why–

Call this divergence, polarization or psuedo-speciation, it all means the same thing.  There is no “common ground” or space for compromise.  The elegant Nash equilibrium the Founders set up has failed, and both sides are playing Sinner v Sinner TFT now.  So we will see more university campuses erupt in violent confrontation going forward.  The conflict isnt about actually about science or free speech– its about trying to seize the controls.

According to my knowledge of JMS/EGT maths (Evolution and the Theory of Games) …the attempt will likely fail.

An evolutionarily stable strategy (ESS) is a strategy which, if adopted by a population in a given environment, cannot be invaded by any alternative strategy that is initially rare.

The one thing about the Nash game the Founders built …is the pendulum swings back.  It is likely there will be a dem wave in 2018 and/or 2020.  But what happens when the pendulum sticks, doesn’t swing back?  Thats when we will know the Founders system is truly broken…and my biggest worry for the future.

Why the HBD Guys Reject Red/Blue Brain Science and Endorse Race Theory

In this amusing article from UnDark, soi disant scientist Razib Khan makes the following claim–

“The science is always prior to everything else,” Khan told me. “Everything else is just commentary. If the commentary comes before science, that’s a problem, but that’s how a lot of discourse works. I understand. I’m not trying to be naive about it. But the reality is that’s not how I work.”

But this is not really how Khan works– because he and all the rest of the HBD (Human Biodiversity) cohort furiously reject the science of red/blue brain biochemistry.  Its not difficult to internet-trace Khan’s affiliation with John “Sun People/Ice People” Derbyshire– they co-blogged for years with Khan assuming the pseudonym of David Hume, or his long standing affiliation with socio-cultural pariah Steve Sailer.  But why not devote research to the biodiversity of brain science?  The reason is probably that “scientist” Khan and the HBD crew don’t like the implications.

You see, on simple observation there aren’t any theoretical mathematicians or theoretical physicists that subscribe to Khan’s conservative beliefs.  Conservative (redbrain biochemistry) scientists seem strictly limited to applied sciences– geneticists (Khan, Cochran, Wade), sociobiologists and evolutionary biologists (Pinker, Dawkins, Harris) and political “scientists” (like Charles Murray).  Could there  be linkage between brain biochemistry and IQ?  IQ is a very sensitive subject, and yet Khan and others in the HBD community have been “boldly” addressing the component of racial IQ for many years.

My theory…and we shall see if I can prove this in complexity science and socio-physics— is that red/blue brain biochemistry is a competitive/cooperative CAS dynamic that greatly benefited h. sapiens sapiens until very recently, when the relative fitness of the two phenotypes began to dis-equilibriate.  The data science revolution is going to provide torrents of data on cognitive genomics.  It will be hard to ignore.

I think what is happening in the US right now isn’t really red/blue polarization, but a kind of psuedo-speciation based on brain biochemistry and genetic tendency.

And it will be delicious to watch the HBD “scientists” become hoist on their own petard of deterministic hereditarianism over the next 10 years.

The popcorn’s on me.